BCoGP and MGP Statement on the Cancellation of the Immigration Debate

Statement of the Baltimore County and Maryland Green Parties on the Cancellation of the Immigration Debate:

Immigrants are under attack today in the United States.  They face harassment, and economic, social, and political discrimination. The Green Party opposes those attacks, and stands with our immigrant brothers and sisters. 
In that context, we regret the decision of the League of Women Voters to cancel the debate on immigration policy, scheduled for October 18, at the Catonsville Public Library.  The problem was not the debate among Maryland’s ballot-status political parties, on this important issue, but the fact that the League had invited a hate group, FAIR, to participate.  That invitation should have been rescinded, and the debate should have gone on. We do not need hate groups on the stage as alleged experts, in order to debate important issues.
The Green Party stands ready to debate with other ballot-status political parties in Maryland, on this issue or on any others, and we call for the League to be inclusive of all such parties, in the future, whenever one or more of them are included.  We are especially eager to have such a discussion about the urgent challenge of the attacks on immigrants.
In Solidarity,

The Baltimore County and Maryland Green Parties


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