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Myles Hoenig                                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1/31/18 Baltimore County Green Party

Baltimore County Green Party calls for the immediate release from prison Ahed Tamimi

Today is the 17th birthday of Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian child languishing in an Israeli prison because she shows no fear in resisting soldiers who have been terrorizing her, her family and community for a very long time. In a pre-dawn raid on December 20th Israeli Defense Force soldiers barged into her home and arrested her. They did not provide any charges for doing so.

The incident which brought their attention to her was when on a day where the IDF had just shot her cousin in the head, point blank, invaded her home and pushed her, she had the temerity to slap back. It was this slap that has put her in jail, for assaulting an Israeli soldier and for embarrassing them in front of cameras. The ‘assault’ has gone viral but the western press only…

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