The Baltimore County Green Party stands in solidarity with the indigenous peoples of Ecuador as they fight to topple the unpopular administration of President Lenin Moreno who, in order to appease the International Monetary Fund, has lifted the fuel subsides that were put in place in the 1970s. The lifting of these subsides will drive up the price of gas and devastate a nation of people with a median income of under $400 per month.

According to on the ground reports from our friends, the indigenous in Ecuador are extremely well organized and politically sophisticated people. This is not a spontaneous unplanned rebellion. They want Moreno out of office because he is cutting subsidies, undermining workers rights and implementing IMF austerity plans. All of these things hurt the indigenous population more than any other group. Moreno is the enemy of the Ecuadorian poor and indigenous peasant farmers. 

The press of course wants to paint the protesters as a danger to a legitimate administration. Moreno's popularity has dropped to 30% since his election. The protesters are literally risking their lives to stop this administration. Ordinary men, women and young people are happy and proud to put their bodies on the line. We call on the people of the United States to look to the resistance of the indigenous peoples in Ecuador as an example of resistance to neo-liberal policies that move wealth upwards to billionaires as Americans continue to get poorer.


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